Important Feline Health Update

This is in regard to the new virus that has hit Maui and is affecting cats.  It is called the Feline Panleukopenia virus, otherwise known as Parvo or Distemper.  It is airborne so can even be transmitted to house cats.  And, if a cat is not vaccinated, it is usually deadly.  It is recommended that ALL cats be vaccinated against this virus ASAP, as it is spreading on Maui.

Maui Humane Society will be holding two vaccination clinics for the feline panleukopenia virus that is, for the first time, present on Maui. The clinic dates are Sat., July 12 and Sat., July 19th. from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Cat owners are encouraged to vaccinate their cats as soon as possible. Even if pet cats do not go outside the virus can still be spread via humans tracking on their shoes, clothing, etc. Cat to cat contact is not necessary to spread the disease. Clinics will be held in the MHS modular building behind the main shelter building. Signs will be posted. Parking will be available next to the building or along the roadway. Cost is by donation. These clinics are meant for all friendly, tame cats. Cats & kittens should be at least 6 weeks old and all cats should be transported in secure carriers. For more information about these clinics please contact Maui Humane Society at (808)-877-3680 Ext. 23.

View the Maui Humane Society Press Release

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