Urgent Appeal

Jody Sparks is presently relocating his residence and cattery to a new home. The timing of this move has come much sooner than was expected. Fortunately he was able to secure a place in Kula where he will be able to set up a cattery, and also take care of several rescue dogs. At the moment he is caring for approximately 35 cats, changing day by day, depending on circumstances. These cats are unable to fend for themselves and consist of injured colony cats, newborns who are being fostered and socialized in preparation for adoption, and cats simply abandoned and left without food or shelter. Jody is committed to the NO KILL philosophy and is determined not to abandon any of these animals or place them in harm’s way.

manaHe is also caring for a dog, Mana, who was due to be euthanized. Luckily, through the pleas of those who knew Mana and his story, Jody stepped in, adopted Mana, and has given him the home and the love he never had. Unfortunately Mana recently sustained an injury that has necessitated an expensive surgery. Mana is healing, but in order to continue with follow up medical care that will further support and assist Mana’s healing process, the medical bills must be paid very soon.

So now Jody, and those of us who know him and the wonderful work he does, must reach out to the larger community for immediate financial help to cover the array of expenses involved with the move and Mana’s medical bills. Feral Cats Maui is a non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Funds will be used solely for the purpose of caring for the animals. This includes leasing the land for the cattery, cat & dog food, rebuilding the cattery, medical care for Mana and any injured and/or sick cats needing immediate medical attention as well as flea meds, vaccines, de-worming, and Jody’s continued commitment to TNR (trap/neuter/return) as a service to the community. Luckily some of the cats being fostered will find permanent loving homes thanks to the attention and care they are receiving now. Other cats will likely find their way to the cattery over time, through injury, neglect, and abandonment and some will need to stay at the cattery permanently to receive the continuing care they need.

Please help Jody continue this valuable community service by making a donation for the immediate needs of these animals. We will keep you updated through this website as to how things are progressing at the new location, with Mana, and with the cattery.

Mahalo from Jody and Feral Cats Maui

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