What We Do

Feral Cats Maui Inc

Traps being prepared

Feral Cats Maui is a Hawaii 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to the humane, No-Kill solution of Trap, Neuter, Return, & Manage for Maui’s feral/stray (community) cats.

We are the only organization on Maui that actually traps cats.

The others require you to obtain traps & trap the cats yourself then bring them to a clinic at your own expense. Jody Sparks of Feral Cats Maui is a master trapper who has 50+ traps which he brings to your location, baits them, and catches up to 50 cats in a few short hours. He then transports the cats to the spay/neuter clinic, has them neutered, picks them up after the surgery, then returns them to their location, all without it costing you a cent or your having to lift a finger!

Jody Sparks’ charity is run entirely by donation. Thanks to FCM, you now have the opportunity to help solve the feral cat over-population problem without having to trap cats yourself. Jody has the energy, skill, and passion to really make a difference. He loves animals. Every cent of your donation goes toward slowing and eventually stopping the prolific breeding, neglect, and abuse of our ferals, many of whom are abandoned pets.

Our Goal

Feral Cats Maui’s eventual goal is to run daily clinics that sterilize 100 cats per day. Full time vets will do nothing but spay/neuter and tend to the cats’ medical needs. Assuming a feral cat population of 400,000+ (some say 600,000), at 100 cats per day, we could have all ferals sterilized within 10 years and allowed to live out their lives. Within 15 years, feral cats would have all but disappeared from Maui.

Despite 23 years of commendable efforts by the Feline Foundation of Maui, 9th Life, and the Maui Humane Society, the feral cat population continues to expand. We absolutely need professional trappers like Jody Sparks to get on top of this problem. The average resident of Maui does not have the means or the time, but if enough people are willing to contribute a few dollars to enable Jody to reach his goal, the problem will be solved once and for all within 15 years.

The Ultimate Goal

No feral cats! Once all cats have been sterilized, they will live out their lives and die off naturally within about 10 years. This is the humane way, and the ONLY way, to solve the problem.

How Can You Help?

  1. Spread the word about Feral Cats Maui to all your animal-loving (and even cat-hating!) friends. This is the first time ever that this service has been available on Maui. Jody Sparks has traps, will travel!
  2. Please donate whatever you can so that Jody can do this work for the rest of us who want to help but do not have the means.

For more information about adopting a cat, please call Jody at 808-269-2940, or use our contact form.